The Glenn Twins

We were born in Ft. Campbell, Kentucky on March 12th. Our Father was in the army and as a result, our family has traveled constantly. We have lived in various places such as Colorado, California, and Germany. Our Dad retired in 1998 in Georgia and we have resided here ever since. We have a relatively large family consisting of our parents and two older sisters. We absolutely loved being army brats because the opportunity to travel gave us exposure to different regions, cultures, and people. This has helped us better adapt to change, new experiences, and has built character.

We regard our education very highly and have both obtained BBAs in accounting, graduating Magna Cum (Debra) and Suma Cum (Joyce) Laude. We excelled academically, primarily funding our education with academic scholarships. We are also members of the prestigious business honor society, Beta Gamma Sigma.

Our modeling career began when we were 16 years old. We were approached by a representative from an agency at a concert in Atlanta. We later signed with that agency and got a few jobs here and there. The more we worked and networked, we found contacts with other agencies and booked more jobs. Currently our focus has expanded to other areas of entertainment including acting and hosting.

Throughout our career we have appeared in several music videos, magazines, calendars, a cosmetic catalogue/commercial, movies and have been involved in several industry promotional events. Breaking into the industry has been more fun and more hard work than we imagined. Although it has been very challenging, having each other has made the load lighter. In the future we aspire to land roles in feature films, television sitcoms, company endorsements, as well as use our business degrees to further the success of our careers.

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Music Videos:

2XLft/ DJ Unk “Magic city”
Lil Wayne & Baby “Leather so soft”
Jim Jones “We fly high remix”
Jagged Edge ft Jermaine Dupri “Stunnaz”
Cruna “Take me higher”
Young Bloodz “Presidential”
R.Kelly ft The Game “Playas only”
G-unit ft Joe “Wanna get to know you”
ATL “Calling all girls”
Bow wow ft Baby “Let’s get down”
Young Bloodz ft Cutty Cartel “Cadillac Pimpin”
Field Mob ft Torika “Sick of being lonely”
Jermaine Dupri “Welcome to Atlanta”
Nivea “Don’t mess with my man”
Dungeon Family “Trans DF express”

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  1. u both are very good at wat u do n also look wonderfull,classy,and also i look up 2 very good models

    on December 14th, 2010 at 2:26 am

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