Brittany Renee

This exotic beauty, Brittany Renee of Puerto Rican, Black and Dominican descent, was born and raised in NJ… she comes from a good family and was always pushed to the best at everything she participated in. Now at 20 years old, Brittany, (a full time senior and English major at Pace University) owns her own business yet at the same time, she still makes time to persue her dreams as a model. “I’ve always wanted to be that girl in the magazine, ya know? So that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I hate when people tell me no. I’m too driven for discouragement.”


Lloyd Banks – Cake – video July 2006
Megan Rochelle – The One You Need – video May 2006
Busta Rhymes – In the Ghetto – video July 2006
Hype Hair Magazine – Sept 2006 – (Beyonce is on the cover.)

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