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My passion for entertainment began at a real young age. I was born and raised in Washington Heights in New York City; to parents of Puerto Rican and Dominican decent.

Growing up I listened to a combination of English and Spanish music. My father was a huge influence on me he listened to Rhythm and Blues like the Four Tops and many other R&B artists. And, of course my mom would play Salsa and Merengue on holidays and at birthday parties. As a kid I would put on dance numbers at home for the family.

I was always eager to participate in the schools talent shows. At the age of eleven along with some friends from the neighborhood we created an R&B girl group called the uptown girls. With our friends and family as an audience we went around singing to the songs of Mary J. Blige and SWV.

Later I moved to Miami Beach and with all the exposure of the music and film industry I became convinced and decided to follow my dreams. I began to attend casting calls and auditioning on a regular basis. In spring of 2003 I was selected to join a Latin all girl group called ‘Una Sangre’ (One Blood). Later that summer I recorded a song called ‘Drop It’ with Kurtis Blow and another female artist. Neither project were a success but I developed skills and experience which have helped me gain understanding of the business.

I continue to attend casting calls and was chosen as an extra for the film “Prime” a Ben Younger film and a video for group Aventura called “Un Beso” (A Kiss). I have participated in many magazine contest with reputable companies such as Maxim, Smooth, Stuff and others.

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