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Darlene Crawford has worked with some of the most established names and corporations. Appearing in print, including the Source Magazine April 2003, June 2003,and December 2003 as a featured model. She has also appeared in Jet magazine as beauty of the week as well as Smooth Girl magazine. Darlene has also worked on many other projects including, but not limited to the 2006 Bellsouth Corporate Print Ad, 2005 Film Glory Road, and currently working on new Film as featured extra in the 2006 movie Deja Vu, and her own Poster for 2006.

Her promotional experience includes working with companies such as Budweiser, Goody Hair products, Coors light, Seagram’s, Martell, Captain Morgan, Kool, Gentlemen Jack, Smirnoff, Kodak Film, Hypnotiq & Def Jam. She has hosted several NFL and NBA parties, and has also promoting herself on radio. Darlene has worked with several photographers from Chicago, New York, Miami, New Orleans, Houston and many more. Her fashion experience includes shows for Vessie B, Ice Cold Entertainment, and the Hilton Hotel.

Darlene’s educational trade is within the film industry, and has completed her trade in commercial acting. Darlene’s film and video credits includes a principal role in the Master P Video In Dem Jeans, The Film Glory Road, and Film Deja Vu. Her training includes slate copy techniques, television acting skills, on camera emotions, single doubles, as well as on camera improvs & doubles. Darlene’s training also includes on camera product use and props, principle roles, extra roles, audition techniques, television print and make, on camera auditioning for non dialogue sample commercial review, technical skills cue cards, prop utilization, shared scene interaction, and short dialogue.

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  1. soft ass is nice

    on August 20th, 2008 at 5:41 pm

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