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My name is Ahni and I was born in Southern Maryland. I’m from a small county where everyone knows everyone, and if you were in any trouble your parents would hear about it before you even got home. Though I have since moved, I’ll always be a country girl with country ways. At a young age I was very much a tomboy. My mother decided to send me to a catholic school to bring the little girl out of me. After eight long years of plaid uniforms and a couple of Hail Mary’s, I had grown into a very nice young lady. I then went to a public high school where I participated in many sports like softball, volleyball and weight-lifting….sorry, no cheerleaders here! After high school, I became a proud bear of Morgan State University. It wasn’t until my sophomore year that I was approached by the SGA, and was asked to be in a calendar entitled, “The Lady’s of Morgan”. Ever since then, I have been taking pictures for the fun of it.

One year ago, I decided to take this modeling thing seriously. I became an import model for the ISS Elite car club. I’ve attended many events including Hot Import Nights in Atlantic City, and the NOPI Nationals in Atlanta. You can also see me in the October edition of Super Street Magazine.

My hobbies aside from modeling include import cars, bikes, and sports. Once you’re an import model, you gain a great respect for the industry. Swing by my photo gallery to see pictures of my car, the Silver Lexus, as well as me with other cars. Sorry fella’s, there’s only one way to find out what’s under the hood….gotta catch me on the street. Being the ex-tomboy that I am, I couldn’t just be an import model…Hey, I want some trophies too. I love fast cars, and the only thing better than a fast car, is a fast bike! I’m tired of riding on the back so hopefully I’ll be on a 600 by summer.
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  1. hi i just wana say that u are very beautiful

    on February 7th, 2009 at 10:28 pm

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