April Clark

April Clark is an actress and a health fitness consultant and trainer. Right now she does modeling, personal trainning, as well as voiceovers. Ms Clark is a very healthy eater and from there she has actually become a spokesperson for Quinoa. Not only that she went to college for mixed media and computer animation, April is very artisitc, she has gone back into computer graphics and she will be soon launching her new website. April is of Irish, African, English and Cherokee bacground.

Stomp The Yard Sony Screen Gems: Maya Sylvan White
ATL Warner Brothers: Tondie Chris Robinson
Fighting Temptations Paramount Productions

Outkast Roses Caroline Bryan Barber

Whole World Theatre: Beginning Improve, Graduation Show (x2); Advanced .. Games Graduation Show; Tuesday Group Shows

Whole World Theater Tuesday Cast; Advanced Games; Beginning Improv

Certified Personal Trainer; Kickboxing; Yogic Arts; Fluid Power Yoga; Spinning; Fitness Consultant
Violin (basic)

Dancing; Surfing; Yoga; Meditation, Drawing

French; Irish; New York; Indian (India); English; Italian; Valley Girl

Fluid Power Yoga Teacher Training 120 hrs with Shiva Rae
Yogic Arts Level 2 Instructor with Duncan Wong
Landmark Forum Education and Advanced
Art Institute Bachelors Mixed Media & Animation
Art Institute Associates Degree Computer Animation
Catapult Software Training

April Clark’s Official Website:

April Clark on Myspace:

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